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I was born in Lima Peru South America in the mid 1960's. I came to the U.S. as a teenager, graduated from High School, went to College and became a Professional Photographer specializing in High Fashion. I love and believe in natural light. People see me shooting all over Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Downtown LA, Malibu, Laguna Niguel, etc.


As a Professional Photographer my goal is to have fun with actors and models and capture great memories because it is my hobby.


To me Photography is artistry without limits. Although my forte is High Fashion, I am very creative and love shooting other projects such as Glamour, Artistc, Fitness, Sports, Swimsuits, Editorial, etc.


My father was a Professional Photographer for many years. He loved Photography. I feel personally blessed for sharing his Photography knowledge with me.

I was about seven years old when he started teaching me Photography.

The first camera I learned how to use was an Agfa 1:6, 3/105, then I learned how to use Kodak's, Minolta's, Canon's, etc, from 35mm, 110 mm, slides, Polaroid's, etc. He was a native Peruvian Indian from an upper class family that owns vineyards in ICA, which is a state just south of Lima.


My mother was a housewife but she had a degree in Fashion Merchandising and she worked for Mc Call's Pattern Co. in Lima. She had passion for High Couture Fashion because she learned French Couture Sewing when she was young. She was Spaniard-Peruvian.


I guess I got the Photography from my father and the Fashion from my mother.

I also became a Fashion Model in the mid 1980's, had done Runways, Modeling Print Work, TV Commercials, Music Videos, Films, etc. The experience of being a Model and living in Hollywood for a long time had made me a stronger Photographer who knows Fashion Photography well.


Javier Ortiz

Javier Ortiz Photography

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